Environment Commitment

We are aware of our responsibility in relation to environment and we are engaged in sustainable development, prevent pollution in all aspects related to our businesses.

Committed to protecting the planet and delivering a positive environmental legacy for future generations as we operate and grow our business.

Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Energy Policy

Boly believes that employees are our most valuable asset, it is fundamental for our business success to ensure that we are providing our people with a safe, healthy workplace and a sustainable environment. We shall ensure that all our units comply with the most stringent industry applicable standards of occupational health, safety, environment and energy management to ensure the well-being of our employees and business partners; and to maintain an operation that minimizes all adverse environmental and climate change impacts associated with our undertakings.

As a company that is involved in the design and manufacturing of metal products, we recognize that our operations have an impact on the local and global environment and we actively encourage the engagement of our staff at all levels to ensure implementing and maintaining the standards that we set.

Boly is committed to the protection of the environment and to the health and safety of its employees, customers, suppliers and community. Our Management Team strives to continuously assign the necessary resources to track and implement improvements to our environmental management system. We are committed to continuing to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and to go green!

Responsibility for our environment

A constant improvement of our environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 is a matter of course for us.

Responsible use of all resources
Ecological production processes
Environmental-friendly technologies on the entire part of life.
Cooperation with service providers who monitor environmental standards
Reducing emissions

Our factory resources management


Oil mist extraction at the machines with feed back into the production cycle.


Machines are placed in oil trays to prevent groundwater contamination.


Central lighting control to reduce electricity consumption (indirect LED lighting).


Use of the heat produced by the production machines to reduce heating costs.

Optimizing use of resources

Boly prefers to eliminate or significantly restrict the usage of resources with potential risks for the environment during its production activities. The company applies a policy of compliance with the laws and regulations regarding environmental protection while improving the company’s influence on the environment whenever economically plausible. These are considered the minimal standards.

When introducing a new production process, we chose technologies in compliance with the best available technology, and we persistently look for ways to reduce energy consumption, resources and waste generation. We continuously verify, evaluate, and manage the impact of the company on the environment and adopt necessary technical and organizational measures to minimize it. Through continuous education and motivation, we lead our employees to adopt the principles of the environmental protection.