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We offer subcontract CNC turning services from medium to high-volume. We has the ability to offer a vast range of solutions in the supply of precision turned/machined components.
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CNC machinery made products

Over the years, we’ve built a culture of service, teamwork, and innovation. With an exceptionally diverse staff and an average tenure of ten years, we are proud that people choose to build their careers with us.

We specialize in manufacturing of close tolerance precision machined parts and assemblies from prototype to high volume production, in a wide range of part sizes and materials. Our capabilities include CNC Turning, Swiss machining, Grinding, Assembly and Value Added Secondary Processes.

Boly provides complete production solutions from start to finish, which starts with DFM (Design for Manufacturing) assistance, continuing through to prototyping and on-time volume production. With solutions that will exceed your quality expectations, are cost competitive, and meet production timing.
CNC custom made components
Boly services

CNC custom made componentsCNC

Boly has the capacitity to machine various alloys into many different components parts for industrial applications. Some example include but are not limited to: headers, fittings, bodies, housing, cable relief, cover, sleeves, adaptors, mounts, ports, etc.

With industry experience in electronics, motion & control, hydraulic, medical devices, and more, Boly's engineering team can help resolve your design challenges with an array of machining methods and materials so you can get your product into production and on the market.

At Boly, we provide multiple types of machining processes including Swiss turning, CNC machining, Automatic Screw Machining and Grinding. Each method is available to determine which may be the best fit for your unique project.
Precision machined components specialist
Range of the best quality materials
Cutting-edge CNC machinery
Traditional proven methods
48+ years experience
High Quality Standards
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Supply Chain Management

How do we manage global sourcing?

Our ISO certified facilities can support your prototype to large production requirements. This allows you to be confident in your supply chain while being able to focus on your core business.

How do we manage program management?

Our Program Management teams are made up of technical staff ready to support and partner with customers from the earliest stages of product development through final project delivery in order to reach optimal solutions. Project Managers use audited, systematic processes and pull from a wealth of diverse production methods in order to meet and exceed your expectations.

How do we manage customer service?

We stand ready to bring expertise and innovation to any part of the world whenever and wherever you need it. Our manufacturing and customer service sites provide real-time responsiveness to continued customer and market demands. Our Customer Service teams are completely integrated with our Engineering and Manufacturing personnel, which allows real-time commercial and technical support.

How do we handle warehousing?

With our warehouses in China and Hong Kong, we ensure that your inventory is secure and available at a moment’s notice. We have a variety of Just In Time programs (JIT / Kanban) available.

How do we handle custom management?

We continually train to keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations of global customs. We work closely with Customs to ensure we are in compliance with NAFTA, C-TPAT, Tariffs, Anti-Dumping and much more. This ensures that your parts are not delayed.

How do we manage global logistics?

We meet your needs through the planning, control and effective movement and storage of your metal parts from origin to destination. We reduce costs throughout the chain by driving out unnecessary expenses and consolidation. The main focus is turned to efficiency and added value. Efficiency must be increased and bottlenecks removed.

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We supply customized machined products with surface treatment services to a well-diversified global customer base.
Swiss machining

Part Production

We provide a full line of CNC machining, Swiss turning and secondary operation capacity for finishing complex workpieces.

Surface Finishing

Typically used to improve corrosion resistance, durability, and part appearance. Popular finishes include anodizing, passivation and plating.


Our extensive experience in engineering services uniquely positions us to provide the best and most cost-effective solution.
Quality control

Quality control

We incorporate a rigorous quality management system that reflects a continual commitment to supplying high-quality machined parts.