Precision Machined Parts

Supplied precision turning parts to Industrial, Transportation, Medical, and Consumer industries since 1973.

Precision CNC Machining

With state-of-the-art CNC lathes and highly skilled engineers, we provide superior machining solutions.

Global. Sourcing. Simplified.

Offering a wide range of OEM parts to print and just-in-time inventory management services for world wide customers.


Providing turned components for measurement technology, sensors, hydraulics, motors, semiconductors, joysticks and renewable energy.


Delivering superior precision turned parts for automotive, electric cars, aerospace, heavy trucks, motorsports, bicycles and recreational vehicles.


Partner of choice for custom precision components and assemblies for ventilators, dental handpieces, surgical robots and handicap mobility.


Providing high precision custom components and solution for power tools, camera drones, home appliances, body sculpting and skin care devices.

High Precision CNC Turning parts

Boly is a company engaged in the engineering and manufacture of high-precision custom solutions. We are specialized in Swiss turning, CNC machining, and Automatic screw machining. We provide machined parts, mechanical components and assemblies to most recognize named in the industrial, commercial transportation, medical and consumer market. With competencies across multiple industries, we offer our customers a more reliable supply chain and confidence in their program.

Over 48+ years machining experience
Capable to meet custom-made demand
Tight tolerances and finishing are possible
Consistency in quality and craftsmanship
Strong engineering knowledge in different market segments.
Non-destructive test and dimension inspection
Competitive pricing
On-time delivery
Turning Parts


Over the past 48+ years, we have gained a reputation for excellence, technological innovation and exceptional quality. This has enabled to us to work with customers in a diverse range of industrial sectors. We have provided high-quality on-demand manufacturing services to various fields around the world.

We help customers like you solve product developing challenges. Our CNC machined parts solutions are critical for tomorrow's successes, helping you achieve superior results in all your current and anticipated problems.

High performance metal parts for pressure switches, transducers and gauges which are rely on mechanical and electrical technology.

Diverse specialty alloys components for high-pressure fuel systems, EV batteries, engines, exhaust systems, oxygen sensors, and other components.

Custom machined parts for aerospace equipment and aircraft that need the best components made with the highest quality metals.

Provides precise metal components for motion control which apply to motion controllers, actuators, motors, sensors, drives and amplifiers.

Precise stainless steel parts for medical devices such as dental handpieces, ventilators, surgical robots and handicap mobility products.

Deliver corrosion, heat, and pressure-resistant machined parts such as valves, fittings, and fasteners for various machinery.

Supply smaller, lighter, more durable components used in power tools, camera drones, home appliances, face & body skincare beauty devices.

Precise rod for joystick control which used in cranes, excavator, forklifts, trucks, electro-hydraulic and material handling systems.

Produces barrels, port plates, flanges, friction washers, fitting as well as valves, blocks, and distributors to the hydraulic industry.