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We supply machined parts for IoT devices that meet exact specifications and the highest standards for reliability and quality. We supply the IoT Industry with superior mechanical components and assemblies.
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Machined Parts for IoT Technology

Generally, Internet of Things (IoT) is most abundant in manufacturing, transportation and utility organizations, making use of sensors and other IoT devices; however, it has also found use cases for organizations within the infrastructure and home automation industries, leading some organizations toward digital transformation. Boly supply high quality metal components to this emerging industry. Some real-world examples of IoT are wearable fitness and trackers (like Fitbits) and IoT healthcare applications (Remote monitor), smart cars (Tesla), and smart appliances (iRobot).

As the IoT industry grows, so do the opportunities to utilize sensors. Sensors enable the IoT by collecting the data for smarter decisions. At BOLY, our metal sensor parts is a critical piece of the IoT serving as a system’s “senses” by interacting with the world It utilizes in various applications in miniaturized packages, multi-sensor modules, ultra-low power designs, and packages for harsh environments. Reliable, accurate sensors create a foundation for engineers to understand the various properties in applications from motor bearings to patients under home care.  They are being used in industrial, personal, and medical applications.

Focus on industry standard

The IoT Technology demands components that meet exact specifications and the highest standards for reliability and quality. Through a combination of technology and in-house engineering and manufacturing expertise, we are able to design, manufacture, and deliver the highest quality products and sub-assemblies in the industry. Boly provides OEM services to worldwide industrial customers, following international standards.

Consistently meets the IoT Technology strict product standards and requirements for a range of critical machined components. Meet exact specifications and the highest standards for reliability and quality.

Solutions for your IoT related products.
Production of precise components for interior to functional.
Producing, assembling and testing with the highest quality.
Metal Components for Smartwatch

High-Quality Custom IoT device Parts

We supply the IoT Industry with superior mechanical components and assemblies to match the reliability and performance of your IoT products. We create value-added solutions for our IoT device Industry customers through collaborative relationships, engineering expertise, and innovation. Here is some key applications example:

Components for applications in the IOT device field:

Smart band components
Smart door lock components
Smart sprinkler controllers
Smart phone components
Smart gadget components
Smartwatch components
5G Infrastructure components
Remote radio head components
Antenna system components

Once a product design is finalized, you can count on Boly 48+ years of machining experience to consistently produce the highest quality mobile, smart wearable and 5G product components.

Typical precision machining IoT device components

Machining capabilities for IoT device components

The applications for IoT extend across a broad variety of use cases and verticals. However, all complete IoT systems are the same in that they represent the integration of four distinct components: sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing, and a user interface. Precision machining methods at Boly offer a wealth of advantages for IoT devices manufacturers who desire parts that have high requirements for close tolerance and surface finish. We have a full range of precision machining process capabilities, including CNC turning, vertical/horizontal milling, grinding, and many secondary operations.

General Range of our IoT components are used on especially sensor devices and 5G connectivity equipments:

1) Sensors
Sensors collect data from their environment. This data could be as simple as a temperature reading or as complex as a full video feed. For example, your phone is a device that has multiple sensors (camera, accelerometer, GPS, etc), but your phone is not just a sensor since it can also perform many actions. Boly produces high quality components to support sensors and devices.

2) 5G Connectivity
The sensors can be connected to the cloud through cellular, satellite, WiFi, connecting via a gateway/router or connecting directly to the internet via ethernet. Boly provides metal solution for new infrastructure includes 5G networks, ultra-high voltage power grids, even EV charging stations as electric car becomes a IoT product that need more aluminum connectors for EV batteries; copper components for EV motor connectivity and charging inlet.
Concept-to-delivery metals and alloy machining
Exceptionally precise CNC Swiss machining
CNC turning and milling up to 5-axis machine centers
Design for manufacturing Process development
Quick turnaround development
In-house tool design and fabrication
Multi-level assembly and finishing
Laser Engraving for unique identification
Advanced inspection technology
Customized inventory management
PPAP compliant for all your capability study needs
Fully compatible with IoT industry expectations

Our great support for IoT device components

Automated CNC Machining

Leverage high-speed 3-axis and 5-axis machining processes as well as turning with live tooling for increasingly complex metal and plastic components.

Tools and Fixtures

Get durable, production-grade tools, fixtures, and other aids within days so development and workflow remain forward moving.

Quality Certifications and Traceability

Take advantage of our ISO9001 certified machining for high-requirement parts. Material lot traceability is also available on projects that qualify.


Choose from machined metals like stainless steel, nickel steel alloys like Inconel and Hastelloy, aluminium and copper.

More on our CapabilitiesReliable Manufacturing Service

Boly offers IoT device component manufacturing with the latest equipment.
We perform prototyping services, production manufacturing, and secondary processes in-house.

Material selectionWhat Specialty Materials Work Best for IoT Components?

  • Stainless Steel and Specialty Steel
  • Nickel and High Temperature Alloys
  • Aluminum Alloys
  • Copper Alloys

Stainless Steel and Specialty Steel 

The high corrosion and temperature resistance found in stainless steel make it suitable for a range of components used in Industrial Automation.

For example, robotics and sensors at work in factories.

Below are some of the grades in stock:
AISI 303
AISI 304
AISI 316
AISI 630

Nickel and High Temperature Alloys

Nickel steel alloys are extremely popular for IoT. It is designed for critical applications where extreme conditions are required. This demand is due to its increased hardness, tensile strength, and elastic limit, all without reduced ductility. It also maintains strength at elevated temperatures as high as 1,050˚C to 1,200˚C. The nickel-based super alloys Inconel and Hastelloy are also used extensively.

Below are some of the grades in stock:
Nickel-Chromium Alloys – Inconel®
Inconel 600
Inconel 617
Inconel 625
Inconel 718

Nickel-Molybdenum-Chromium Alloys – Hastelloy®
Hastelloy C276

Aluminum Alloys

There is a great deal of aluminum alloys for 5G infrastructure. Most aluminum alloys offer high weight to strength rations, corrosion resistance, formability, and favorable pricing.

Below are some of the grades in stock:
Aluminum 2011
Aluminum 4032
Aluminum 6061
Aluminum 6063
Aluminum 7075-T7651

Copper Alloys

With copper’s outstanding conductivity, it is the metal of choice for high over-voltage situations, and ensures that the device is  compliant with industry standards. It is widely used on Electric Vehicle (EV) power solution such as lithium-ion batteries connectivity and charging inlet.

Below are some of the grades in stock:
Copper C3600
Copper C3602
Copper C3604
Copper C4926 (Lead Free)

Stainless Steel Turned Parts

Stainless Steel
Turned Parts

Carbon Steel Turned Parts

Carbon Steel
Turned Parts

Aluminum Turned Parts

Turned Parts

Copper & Brass Turned Parts

Copper & Brass
Turned Parts

We’re Your IoT Application Partner

We’re here to support your needs, whether that’s short run production, prototyping, or large orders. No matter your product is a wearable fitness product, healthcare application, smart appliance, 5G infrastructure or even smart car, we'll work with you to create the highest quality components for IoT applications.