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We are proficient in the manufacture of many types of industrial joystick controller machined components, meeting a range of product standards and requirements for Joystick products.
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Machined parts for Joystick Control

Industrial Joystick Control is an input device with embedded control concepts in the man-machine interface. It is a sophisticated device that is used to pick, place, and move a heavy object to the required place. Industrial Joystick Control is commonly used in cranes, excavators, forklifts, trucks, electro-hydraulic and material handling systems, steel mills, offshore drilling and to control valves in an oil rig.For consumer usage, the joystick also has made the use of power wheelchairs easier for individuals with disabilities, especially those with movement disorders. It enhances the quality of life for people who have difficulties in walking.

Current Joystick control options are a mix of electronic and mechanical components. Our range of joystick components provides high-performance on joystick control. Stainless Steel and Aluminum are most often used for functional structures and plastic is commonly used for Joystick Knob and buttons.

Focus on industry standard

The Joystick Control industry demands products that meet exact specifications and the highest standards for reliability and quality. Through a combination of technology and in-house engineering and manufacturing expertise, we are able to design, manufacture, and deliver the highest quality products and sub-assemblies in the industry. Our ISO 9001:2015 quality systems and extensive knowledge of materials source requirements makes Boly fully compatible with Joystick Control industry expectations. We are well-versed in the manufacturing of many types of Joystick Control components.

Consistently meets the Joystick Control industry’s strict product standards and requirements for a range of critical machined components. Meet exact specifications and the highest standards for reliability and quality.

Solutions for your Joystick Control related products.
Production of precise components for interior to functional.
Producing, assembling and testing with the highest quality.
Machined parts for Industrial Joystick Controls

High-Quality Custom Joystick Control Parts

We supply the Joystick Control Industry with superior mechanical components and assemblies to match the reliability and performance of your Joystick Control products. We create value-added solutions for our Joystick Control Industry customers through collaborative relationships, engineering expertise, and innovation. Here is some key applications example:

Components for applications in the Joystick control field:

Handles / Tops
Sticks / Shafts
Studs / Spools
End rods
Mounting plates
Restrictor gates

Once a product design is finalized, you can count on Boly 48+ years of machining experience to consistently produce the highest quality Joystick components.

Typical Joystick Control Precision Machining Components

Machining capabilities for Joystick Control industry components

A Joystick control system initiates and controls the movement of a load to perform work. It is capable of precise speed, position, and torque control.

Precision machining methods at Boly offer a wealth of advantages for Joystick Control industry customers who desire parts that have high requirements for close tolerance and surface finish. We use the latest equipment to create components that support mechanical Joystick in Motor and Actuator applications through long stroke lengths, tight tolerances, and flexibility. We have a full range of precision machining process capabilities, including CNC turning, vertical/horizontal milling, grinding, and many secondary operations.

General Range of our Joystick components are widely used in Chemical, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Electrical and many other Industries. When a customer requires high quality components and competitive prices, our precision machining methods offer impeccable results.
Concept-to-delivery metals and alloy machining
Exceptionally precise CNC Swiss machining
CNC turning and milling up to 5-axis machine centers
Design for manufacturing Process development
Quick turnaround development
In-house tool design and fabrication
Multi-level assembly and finishing
Laser Engraving for unique identification
Advanced inspection technology
Customized inventory management
PPAP compliant for all your capability study needs
Fully compatible with Joystick Control industry expectations

Our great support for Joystick Control components

Automated CNC Machining

Leverage high-speed 3-axis and 5-axis machining processes as well as turning with live tooling for increasingly complex metal and plastic components.

Tools and Fixtures

Get durable, production-grade tools, fixtures, and other aids within days so development and workflow remain forward moving.

Quality Certifications and Traceability

Take advantage of our ISO9001 certified machining for high-requirement parts. Material lot traceability is also available on projects that qualify.


Choose from machined metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum. Plastic likes Acetal, Delrin, Nylon, Peek, PTFE.

More on our CapabilitiesReliable Manufacturing Service

Boly offers Joystick control component manufacturing with the latest equipment.
We perform prototyping services, production manufacturing, and secondary processes in-house.

Material selectionWhat Specialty Materials Work Best for Joystick Control Components?

  • Stainless Steel and Specialty Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum Alloys
  • Plastic

Stainless Steel and Specialty Steel 

Stainless steel alloys have found increasing usage in Motors and High-Level automatic equipment that require great strength under rapid movement. The high corrosion and temperature resistance found in stainless steel make it suitable for a range of shafts used on Joystick Control machinery.

Below are some of the grades in stock:
AISI 303
AISI 304
AISI 316
AISI 630

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel can be found in the Motors and Electric Actuators and Robots. Its uses range from output shaft, brush, rotor, bearing, stator, bracket, end plate. All of these are essential in maintaining the structure and stability of any given Joystick Control products.

Below are some of the grades in stock:
AISI 1018
AISI 1045
AISI 1144
AISI 1215
AISI 12L14
AISI 4130
AISI 4140
AISI 8620

Aluminum Alloys

There is a great deal of aluminum alloys for Joystick Control applications. Most aluminum alloys offer high weight to strength ratios, corrosion resistance, formability, and favorable pricing.

Below are some of the grades in stock:
Aluminum 2011
Aluminum 4032
Aluminum 6061
Aluminum 6063
Aluminum 7075-T7651


Plastic is widely used on a heavy vehicle or electric wheelchair joystick handles and grips with various joystick knob shapes, such as ball, mushroom, T-bar, etc.

Below are some of the grades in stock:

Stainless Steel Turned Parts

Stainless Steel
Turned Parts

Carbon Steel Turned Parts

Carbon Steel
Turned Parts

Aluminum Turned Parts

Turned Parts

Copper & Brass Turned Parts

Copper & Brass
Turned Parts

We’re Your Joystick Control components Partner

The industrial joystick control with high moisture protection, multifunction operations, and compact mounting, robust and precise ensures operational safety. We manufacturer a wide range of components apply to industrial joystick controllers suitable for the precise control of critical functions. Whether you are developing a new Joystick or improve the performance of Joystick Controls, we partner with you to customize products to the specifications required.