Engineering Consulting

All engineers are skilled in the design, optimization and validation of your concepts, prototypes and next generation products. Our team supports design development throughout the entire process.

Boly team

Design Engineering Services

From the initial design phase, our long-term customers find it advantageous to include Boly engineers when and where our expertise is critical to the project’s success. When our customer consult with us early on in the process, they find they avoid the implications of having to do costly rework down the line.
Pro/Engineer 3D modeling
Feasibility Studies
Comprehensive assessment
Prototypes, validation and optimization
Load values, directions and vibration
Materials selection, finishes and lubrication
Tolerancing stack-up, total integrated error
Surface treatments
Prototypes and samples | Boly Metal

There is no greater benchmark for success than customer satisfaction.

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More Engineering Service

We manufacture and supply customized products and provide surface treatment services according to customers’ specifications and industry standards. We are an efficient and cost-effective one-stop solution provider with the scale and capability to deliver integrated services.
rapid CNC

Rapid Prototyping

Offers standard prototyping and has developed a specific process for rapid prototyping which ensures the most efficient speed to market.
Quality control

Assembly & Testing

A complete service, from trial run, manufacturing, functional test to result analysis. Deliver high-quality sub-assembled modules.

Supply Chain solution

Highly experienced at managing complex supply chains on behalf of customers. Specializes in annual contracts and blanket orders with min-max inventory agreements.

Cost Down Scheme

Provide re-engineering of precision machining. Helps customer to adopt a cost avoidance mentality to reduce long-term metal sourcing and production costs in metal fabrication

More from BolyConsulting Service for Industries

Over 48+ years of experience and extensive knowledge of the machining industry enable us to provide the competitive components price for companies in a wide range of industries, including:
Precision Metal Components for Industrial


Precision Metal Components for Automotive

Transportation & Vehicle

Precision Metal Components for Power tools